Ammini aunty 2

Hai readers I am pratap aged 26. I think every one enjoyed my first story “Ammini aunty”. I am living in kerala near palakkad. In my village a lot of sexy aunties ready for secret fuck. Ammini aunty is one of them. Her age was 58. Even after her menopause, she is very sexy and cooperative in intercourse. She is not too fatty, but her ass is moving when she walks. Her husband died 15 years ago. She is living with her daughter in law in a big house and her only son is working in Bombay . She is my neighbor, so I am frequently visiting her house. Our families are very close to each other, so Ammini aunty invites me to accompany at night, when her daughter in law going to her house, my parents with no doubt allowed me to gave her a company at night. She is wearing Onnara(Old type under wear of kerala women instead of panties) and I am very much interested in fucking aunties who wears onnara. She usually uplifting her pavada up to her knees when she is working in her home, then I can see the tips of onnara near the knees, this sight I liked very much. When she is cleaning her pots in a sitting position I can enjoy the full view of her thighs, this make me mad and I used to masturbate daily two or three times thinking of fucking her. After our first experience as I described in my first story she become very much interested in me. Without any shyness she used to call me many times and compel me for a good fuck. One day she called me to her store room to help to take some rice bags from there. I went with her, when we entered to the store room she suddenly embraced me and gave me a kiss, and then she uplifted her pavada fully and put my hand in between her legs. Oh what sight of her onnara!! . Then my kunna become ready to fuck her. I rubbed her pussy with my hands, she enjoyed very much . I pressed her kundy with my fully erected kunna and she smiled. I untied her onnara and began to care her kanth with my fingers, she started to moan “vegam vegam”, then I entered my two fingers into her pussy and moved to and fro speedly, she become in full mood and removed her blouse and bra, then search for my kunna, she bend forward and take my kunna into her mouth and started to suck, I like sucking very much, she sucked up to the hot milk coming. I continued to massage her pussy, then she bend forward and in cow position I entered my kunna into her pooru and starting to care her nipples with my hands. She enjoyed very much and after ten minutes of continuous pumping she came into a super orgasm. In the next day she called me again for the night, because she is alone in the house. I entered into her house with great interest. Then she said I hadn’t have finished my bath, please wait for ten minutes. Then she entered into the bath room, deliberately she do not close the door fully, then I go near to the door and looked through the gaps, there she untied her saree and blouse, and untied her pavada and started to insert her fingers through the gap of the onnara and started to biting her lips with great emotion, after one or two minutes she came with only wearing her onnara and bra and called me to help her to shave her pussy. I poured some water on her body and removed her wet onnara and take the razor, soaped the pussy and start to shave her hairs cleanly, she enjoyed very much, I started to rub the pooru with my hands she smiled and then I started to lick her cleaned pooru, she giggled. After some time I sat in the stool and put her in my lap and told her to insert the pooru into my kunna and start pumping. That was her first experience in that position; she pumped very hardly and speedily after twenty minutes hard pumping the hot milk came and filled her pooru. Then I take rest and she completed her bath. After the bath she came out with only wearing a wet towel and started to change dresses in the next room in front of me. When I saw she tying her onnara I become erected and entered into her room and take her into the bed and started to untie her onnara speedily and caressed her mulas with my hands, she enjoyed the nipple caring and I parted her legs and entered my kunna into her wet pussy and we continued pumping for one hour. She become tired and takes another bath to clean her pooru which is filled with my milk. Even now we are satisfying each other. When she wants to fuck she gave a signal by showing her onnara by lifting her pavada. When I want to fuck her I gave a signal by pressing her kundy suddenly. Aunties who were interested in this type of fucking mail me at

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